Binks Introduces NEW Medium-pressure Pumps - Wed - May 18, 2016

Binks MX Medium Pressure Pumps have stainless steel fluid sections and are available in ratios of 11:1, 23:1, and 36:1 with a flow rate of 3.5 gpm. DOWNLOAD THE BROCHURE.

Key Highlights of MX Medium Pressure Pumps
•    Patented Air Valve Technology significantly reduces pulsation
•    Ceramic Coated Piston Rods: last up to 3X longer than hard chrome
•    Extend Packing Life: spring loaded fixed packing lasts up to 3X longer
•    Low/No Ice: Operates 2.5X longer without interruption

Ransburg Introduces their NEW line of Electrostatic Spray guns: “RansFlex” - Tue - May 26, 2015

Redesigned for fewer parts, ergonomic fit and feel, divorced air-generator and sleeker/smoother exterior, the Ransburg “RansFlex” electrostatic air-spray guns are hte new model to beat, in both functionality and price. Call us today for more information, or see our webpage for all the details.

Wiwa’s New Industrial Airless-270 Paint Pump Introduced - Fri - April 24, 2015

The Wiwa “Sonic” Airless-270 paint pump is the newly-designed pump from Wiwa. All-Stainless fluid passages, super-quiet operation, high fluid delivery, together with Wiwa’s well-known quality and durability enhance this pump and set it aside from its competitors. Check it out on our website and give us a call for more information.

Long-Time Employee, John Sorensen, Retires - Fri - May 29, 2015

John Sorensen has worked for Finishing Technologies since before it was called “Finishing Technologies.” He began working for the company way back in 1966, and had a long career of 49 years with us. John was our key purchasing employee, as well as being responsible for, well, a lot more than you might think. FinTech held a retirement party for him, in which former employees, customers and vendors attended for a BBQ send-off. John spoke to many of our customers, and will be missed around the office. Happy retirement, John!

“CLEARANCE” merchandise page updated! - Mon - April 13, 2015

All kinds of new, used and discontinued merchandise has been added to our “clearance” website–electrostatic guns, paint pumps, spray guns, accessories, and odds and ends. We’re spring cleaning–check out the bargains.

Binks Introduces NEW “Trophy” model spray guns - Fri - November 15, 2013

BRAND NEW from Binks, the Trophy Series spray guns are designed to provide superior finishes in the industrial marketplace. The Trophy Series Spray Guns feature the rugged construction and dependability that you expect from the Binks brand. Our designers have emphasized ergonomics and optimized air flow through the guns to improve atomization for maximum transfer efficiency and finish quality. With the right Binks Trophy Series set up, you will be able to spray any material from stain to zinc.

Binks Introduced NEW EMS Electronic Proportioner - Mon - November 18, 2013

Ratios from 1:1 to 100:1, simple user controls, and efficient color changes in an affordable, reliable system! The Binks EMS delivers efficiency and convenience to meet real-world production schedules. Versatility, accuracy, and speed in programming specifications from task to task, make the Binks EMS the best choice for 2K operations. Sturdy construction, quality components, ergonomic design, and powerful software make this the workhorse that will keep up with demanding projects. MADE IN THE USA

FINISHING TECHNOLOGIES is now on Facebook - Thu - February 21, 2013

FinTech launches on Facebook. There, we’ll announce news and events, along with some photos of projects and tips and tricks of our trade. Check it out.

Please ‘Like’ us over there and follow us on your FB wall:

FinTech Holds Annual Halloween Costume Contest - Wed - October 31, 2012

The 2013 costume contest that FinTech has for its employees each year was held at our monthly luncheon. The winners: 3rd place was Theresa, a pirate. 2nd was Debbie, aka “Hit Girl.” The champion was Jeff, who came on stilts as the Grim Reaper. Congratulations! The rest were Bill in a zoot suit, John as ‘guy wearing a hat,’ Dana as ‘girl in Dazed and Confused,’ Scott as Spider-Man, Julia as ‘goth girl,’ Jim as ‘skull top in a hat,’ Randy as the Scream creature, Steve as Mr. Rogers, and Todd as ‘creepy clown.’

FINISHING TECHNOLOGIES Announces New Line of Paint Booth Filters - Tue - October 16, 2012

Finishing Technologies is proud to announce a new line of high-efficiency paint booth filters, a FinTech exclusive! Ultra Paint Guard filters offer a 99.73% efficiency rating (with baked enamels) and come in 20×20 and 20×25″ pads, all at a price that’s way less than the competition. Also available are custom blankets. Please inquire. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE BROCHURE.

Finishing Technologies Participates in Gema Powder Coating Workshop - Tue - March 20, 2012

Designed for powder coating professionals with varying levels of experience, the workshop helped enhance end-user’s experience and know-how. Finishing Technologies took part, joining industry professionals as they covered ‘best practices’ and ‘latest technology’ solutions, and troubleshooting and tricks of the trade.

Binks Airless75 Gun
Binks Introduces NEW Airless Spray Gun - Thu - November 17, 2011

Binks’ new 7500psi airless spray gun will be a champ in your finishing process. Featuring a forged, annodied aluminum body, two-finger trigger, thick-walled stainless fluid tube and a new exclusive needle design to keep the spring out of the fluid path, you won’t need to repair this workhorse as often as your old gun. Call FinTech today for more information.

Gema Introduces New OptiFlex2 - Fri - November 11, 2011

The new OptiFlex2 puts the world’s most advanced manual powder coating technology in the palm of your hand. Spray all powder coating materials with ease, coat complex geometries with outstanding efficiency and quality and do it all in the most challenging environments–anywhere on the planet. Any powder. Any part. Anywhere. Call FinTech for a demo or for more information.

Finishing Technologies Saves Company $17,000 Every MONTH in Utilities - Wed - July 20, 2011

By installing the Nitrotherm-Spray ionized heated nitrogen production system in a major wood-finishing company’s paint system, they were able to completely power down their ovens, saving them $17,000 every month in utilities costs. It also saved them lots of production time by solving common sanding problems, and lessening the amount of time required for the coatings to cure.

Fintech Has Moved - Wed - June 01, 2011

Finishing Technologies is thrilled to announce that they have moved into their new building. We are now operating at 5924 NE 112th avenue, just off airport way. Come see our new facility!