Binks SG2 2-Quart Pressure Pot

The ‘cadillac’ of pressure pots in the 2-quart size, these pots feature two different agitator options (rotary and oscillating). The lid is teflon-coated for easy cleanup, and is fastened with clamps instead of threads, which makes it less likely that paint will gum up the lid for removal. Custom form-fitted liners are available (80-356 12-pack), and the wetted parts are all stainless steel. Sturdy easy-to-carry design.

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Binks Steadi-Grip 2-Quart Pressure Pot

The Binks “Steadigrip” 2-quart pressure pot is a sturdy, light-weight aluminum pot that’s easy to carry. The tall/slender design makes it easy to hang off your belt while you work, and the regulator offers easy adjustments to your paint flow. 50psi maximum pressure.

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Devilbiss KBII 2-Quart Pressure Pot

All KB-II style cups are pressure regulated and have a 2.4 quart (77 oz.) capacity. They are designed to be attached to any manual spray gun with air and material hose. The cup may be carried in one hand using the com- fortable hand grip or left on the floor while spraying. The KB-II’s wide diameter and low profile provides a low center of gravity which increases stability and resists tipping. Models KB-555 and KB-545-SS include a 0-30 psi gauge. KB II cups are supplied with KK-5051 disposable cup liners (5 each) to reduce clean up time and cleaning solvent.

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