Binks Airless-75 Airless Paint Spray Gun

Binks Airless 75 Airless Spray Gun is the right tool for all of your toughest spray jobs. The Airless 75 is made from materials that will survive the roughest working conditions and the stainless steel fluid passages are compatible with high solids industrial coatings. The design of the Airless 75 needle creates a high quality finish with a wide variety of materials. From stain to zinc, expect the perfect finish time after time. 7500psi pressure rating.

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Binks Airless-1 Airless Paint Spray Gun

This lightweight drop-forged, manual spray gun, (for applying various maintenance and decorative finishes) features a stainless steel head and fluid passages, ball-type fluid valve, removable valve assembly, tungsten carbide seat, and built-in diffuser. The thumb-operated safety trigger lock permits one hand locking, unlocking, and triggering. A tip guard is included for added safety. (Maximum operating pressure is 6000 PSI.) Also available: Airless 1M- similar to Airless 1, but designed for the application of abrasives and high viscosity fluids such as plastics, adhesives, sound deadeners, as well as conventional paints and coatings. Fluid head can be rotated 1800, 3/8NPT(f) fluid inlet with a 9/16-18 JIC(m) adapter.

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Binks 550 Airless Automatic Spray Gun

For spraying protective coatings such as lacquers, enamels, water- based emulsions, mold release agents, and sound deadeners. Spray gun equipped with tip guard, stainless steel fluid passages, and forged aluminum spray gun body. Actuating air pressure is 40-60 PSI. The material body may be installed in any of four positions to facilitate fluid hose connection. Spray nozzle not included, order separately. Mounting hole is 1/2” diameter, furnished with set screw.

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