Binks Trophy Conventional Air-Spray Gun

inks Trophy Series Equipment provides all the utility and versatility you need to develop your production plan and execute it with complete confidence. Each gun can be configured with the appropriate needle and nozzle to accommodate the coating, size of part and type of surface to be finished.

Binks Trophy Series Spray Guns feel different by design. They’re lighter and are easier to handle over longer periods of time. That means operators can spray for longer periods with less fatigue and injury. This can make a big difference to productivity and your bottom line. That’s why we take ergonomics so seriously.

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Binks 2100 Conventional Air-Spray Spray Gun

The 2100 spray gun is a durable, full-sized gun that is comfortable, well balanced, and easy to use. A specially designed grip measurably improves operator control, balance, and spray quality. Supported by the largest selection of air nozzles in the industry, the model 2100 will spray all conventional coatings, including those with high solids. The 2100 spray gun features a forged aluminum body that has been precision machined, and brass air nozzles and knobs that are nickel plated. These features ensure that the 2100 gun will withstand many years of use under the toughest working conditions.

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Devilbiss JGA-510 Conventional Air-Spray Gun

The JGA standard-size manual spray gun sets industry standards for high-production performance. Offers the comfortable fit and feel operators prefer. An economical option for waterborne and solvent-based material applications, the JGA stainless steel air spray gun delivers the quality results you need for tough applications. 300-grade stainless steel fluid passages offer waterborne compatibility, corrosion resistance and protection from harsh self-etching primers.

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Binks 95 Conventional Air-Spray Gun

Model 95 is a high production spray gun that can be used with most coatings. It provides superior performance and efficiency. The spray gun features all stainless steel fluid passages, 60 Series air and fluid nozzles, an extra wide trigger, large control knobs, and an ergonomic forged aluminum body. Available in a variety of manual and automatic models, the Model 95 is ideal for industrial applications, touch-up spraying, automated spray systems, and test coating labortories.

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Binks Model 7 Conventional Spray Gun

The Model 7 spray gun is used for all production spraying, but is recommended primarily for siphon use with the Binks 81-810 1 quart Drip-Proof cup. Features a drop-forged aluminum body. Large air passages. Plated drop forged brass head. Adjustable floating fluid needle valve. Stainless steel air valve cartridge. Controls at back of gun. Adjustable spray pattern.

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Devilbiss MBC Conventional Air-Spray Gun

Combining a drop forged aluminum body with a forged removable spray head, the MBC-510 spray gun is ideal for applications that require maximum output and quick changeovers. Removable spray head allows for reduced downtime on nozzle combination changeovers. MBC spray guns have nickel-plated brass fluid passages and stainless steel fluid tip and needle. Ideal for zinc coatings. Applications include oil platforms, corrosion control and bridge maintenance coatings.

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Binks 7E2 Conventional Spray Gun

Designed for spraying heavy bodied fluids such as roof coatings, block fillers, and similar materials, the Model 7E2 has extra large fluid passages in a plated drop-forged brass head. It features adjustable floating needle valves and stainless steel air valve cartridges. It has a hardened steel four finger trigger and is controlled at the back of the spray gun for a non-adjustable spray pattern.

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Devilbiss EGA Conventional “touch-up” Air-Spray Gun

The gun of choice for touch-up, shading, edging and detail decorating, EGA/EGHV touch-up guns provide precise control for any type of delicate spray finishing applications. The guns feature a forefinger trigger to enhance operator control, and a long needle taper to make detail work easy.

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