HFR Epoxy Resin Dispense System

This was an example of a recreation-equipment manufacturer asking us to come up with a simple yet repeatable way to dispense a set dose of heated and mixed resin and catalyst for assembly of equipment. The result was a custom skid-mounted system consisting of two drum length 12:1 pumps bulk feeding (2) double wall oil-heated storage tanks on top of the skid for feed into the HFR proportioner. The tanks are sized as appropriate for the resulting mix ratio.

The drums are pre temperature conditioned when brought to the line and when dispensed to the tanks where the material is gravity-fed through electrically heated hoses. Once in the tank we used a double-wall system with immersion-style heaters to maintain the heat. The tanks are equipped with level sensors to maintain the bulk level of the material. When the operator wants material he enters the value desired at the pendant control, places his pail under the dispense valve and pushes the foot control to dispense.

Other notes:  we recurculated the heated oil from the large tank with a diaphragm pump through tubing that is wrapped around the misc hoses under the platform the hoses are also wrapped with insulation to keep constant heat on the material between dispense requests.


Wiwa Duomix 333 Protective Coatings Plural System

Spraying protective coatings isn’t an easy job, but our Wiwa Duomix 333 systems make it easier. VERY accurate mechanically-proportioned ratio control is key. So is ‘conditioning’ of your base and catalyst materials. This process doesn’t have to be complicated, even though it looks like it, and we design systems with simplicity, ease of operation and maintenance, and reliability in mind.

Two double-lined hoppers allow for warm water or oil to circulate around the outer sides, which in turn heat up the material poured within. Color-coded hoppers, hoses, heaters and pumps make it much easier to tell the components apart, which makes it simpler for all your connections at the mix-manifold. This system has two 25-gallon hoppers which are recirculated, heated, and sent down a hose bundle along with a heated line to maintain the temperature all the way to the spray gun.

Wiwa systems do the job with documented reliably. And silently too–some people mistake the main pump for feed pumps during full operation!


Portable High-Pressure Pump Spray System

Our customer needed a simple, portable, self-contained system which they could easily wheel around their facility. They needed a stainless-steel hopper with a custom lid affixed, along with a feed tube that sealed with a special “ball” seal attachment that also allowed easy rotation. A feed point allowed several painters to connect near the pump, and a wheeled system provided portability.

We also added a spring-action hose reel for convenience. Custom-modified heavy-duty cart was designed to hold the paint pump, reel, hopper, and have enough space left over for the customer to rest their accessories.