Ransburg “RansFlex” RX 45 kV Electrostatic Spray Gun

The RansFlex is an air atomizing electrostatic applicator powered by an onboard generator. Designed with the operator in mind, the RansFlex handle incorporates many grip/handle improvements with better balanced weight to reduce operator fatigue. DeVilbiss atomization technology is coupled with Ransburg power to provide superior atomization and performance backed by a 5-year limited warranty.

Utilizing 20% fewer parts than previous models, the RansFlex is easier to maintain. The patented turbine utilizes a three-phase motor to reduce vibration and provide electrostatic power. RansFlex incorporates quick air hose disconnect technology at the handle to reduce “treeing”and integrates color coded nozzles for easy identifi cation. Indexing air cap and quick voltage on/off knob makes finishing a snap.

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Ransburg “RansFlex” RFX 65 kV Electrostatic Spray Gun

• Ergonomic fit, feel, balance and controls - Operators experience less stress on joints and muscles which has proven to lower the risks of carpal tunnel and the impact of physical strain, reducing fatigue.

• Redesigned sleek and smooth exterior - Makes cleaning and maintenance fast and easy while protecting strategic components.

• Provides three phases of generator protection - Includes divorced generator air supply cartridge, sealed nozzle/atomization passages and strategic turbine location.

• Meets FM/ATEX/CSA – Complies with all globally recognized standards and promotes quality confidence for specification and purchase.

• Reverse “cheeks” and formed trigger – Adds stability to the grip in the palm area while promoting easier resting in the fingers and enhanced comfort for the “V” in the operators hand.

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Ransburg Vector R90 Classic

The Vector Gun utilizes state-of-the-art materials in the handle, barrel, trigger and air cap. Front to back and top to bottom, Vector Guns are tougher and more streamlined with better weight distribution for improved balance and ergonomics.

The Gun’s control units offers the operator triple-set point voltage controls, plus power on and off, right on the gun. The microprocessor based control allows for data collection which can correlate into the amount of paint used and parts painted.

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Ransburg Process-2 Electrostatic Spray Finishing System

The No. 2 Gun/Deuce Unit is the most efficient indoor/outdoor on-site finishing system on the market today. The Deuce unit, utilizing the No. 2 Gun, is a total on-site finishing package – No.2 Gun, bell, high voltage cable, power supply, fluid hose and cart. Everything is pre-package and ready to go to work for you. The unit is very efficient with transfer efficiencies in the 95% range and up. So, with drift and waste virtually eliminated, otherwise impossible on-site furniture refinishing is a breeze!

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