Finishing Technologies’ Ultra Paint Guard Exhaust Filter

Introducing Ultra Paint Guard, a new polyester paint spray booth filter media, exclusively from Finishing Technologies. Ultra Paint Guard filters offer a paint removal efficiency of 99.73%, one of the highest in the industry.

Our filters are also less expensive than most competing brands, even those that are less efficient. Ultra Paint Guard is available in 20”x20” and 20”x25” pads, as well as blankets, which can be custom cut to your paint booth dimensions. The pads are available for immediate shipment via standard UPS shipping, delivery or will-call.

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Binks ‘Receptor’ Paint Spray Booth Filters

Environmentally friendly paint filter, the green capture layer is made from 100% recycled PET green soda bottles, features 98.67% arrestance efficiency means almost all overspray is captured. Substantially cuts particulate emissions and reduces spontaneous ignition risk, and meets UL900, Class II standards for flammability.

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Columbus Industries’ Supra Mini-Mesh High-Cap Paint Booth Filter

The High-Capacity Supra l, ll and A Mini-Mesh Collectors combine the advantages of the High-Capacity Mini-Mesh and Supra Mini-Mesh Collectors. This provides high efficiency and very high holding capacities. The High-Capacity Supra Mini-Mesh Collectors incorporate seven layers of slit and expanded kraft with multistage designed baffle openings and one final layer of synthetic media. High-Capacity Supra Mini-Mesh collectors are specifically designed for high overspray efficiency and extremely high holding capacities with coatings that remain tacky to semi-tacky. These collectors can be effectively implemented on a wide range of coatings.

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Columbus Industries’ Supra-1 Mini Mesh Paint Booth Filter

The combination baffle/strainer-type Supra l Mini-Mesh Collector boasts extremely high efficiency as well as excellent holding capacity. Five layers of slit and expanded kraft with multistage designed baffle openings are combined with one layer of a duo-density singed synthetic backing, which employs two material densities to maximize efficiency and strength. This media was developed to meet the high-efficiency requirements of installations using many of today’s compliance coatings including high solids, waterbornes, catalyzed and bake-dry coatings. Supra l Mini-Mesh Collectors are also recommended for use on coatings with overspray which is tacky to semi-tacky as it encounters the overspray collector. Columbus Industries is the originator of this type media.


Columbus Industries’ Supra-2 Mini Mesh Paint Booth Filter

The Supra ll Mini-Mesh Collector also employs both baffle and strainer principles and performs with high efficiency and excellent holding capacity. The Supra ll Mini-Mesh Collector also has five layers of slit and expanded kraft media with multistage designed baffle openings and one synthetic layer. The Supra ll’s final synthetic layer is less dense than the Supra l’s but still provides high efficiency collection for a wider range of coatings. The Supra ll Mini-Mesh Collector is recommended for the same type of situations as Supra l. This media will, however, have a longer service life when used with coatings that have slightly drier overspray.

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Columbus Industries Standard Mini-Mesh Booth Filter

Columbus Industries’ baffle-type Standard Mini-Mesh Collector is comprised of up to seven layers of kraft media, each slit and expanded into a mesh with baffle-like surfaces. These baffled layers form a multistage collection design which creates the action necessary for superior depth-loading characteristics. The layers with the larger baffled openings are positioned at the front of the collector. As the exhaust air passes through the collector, these larger front baffles cause the initial turbulence and surface contact removing the larger overspray particulates. The final layers incorporate smaller baffled openings which efficiently trap the vast percentage of the remaining particulates. With this configuration, the Standard and Standard Mini-Mesh Collector provide high efficiency as well as good holding capacity. These collectors are designed for general application with a wide variety of coatings ranging from lacquers to bake-dry enamels and is particularly suitable for use wherever conventional coatings are being sprayed.

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