Binks EMS Electronic Mixing Proportioner

Ratios from 1:1 to 100:1, simple user controls, and efficient color changes in an affordable, reliable system!

The Binks EMS delivers efficiency and convenience to meet real-world production schedules. Versatility, accuracy, and speed in programming specifications from task to task, make the Binks EMS the best choice for 2K operations. Sturdy construction, quality components, ergonomic design, and powerful software make this the workhorse that will keep up with demanding projects.

The Binks EMS hand-held pendant combines an easy-to-use keypad with a large, clear interface screen. The Home Screen provides instant status checks for the monitoring of ratios, colors, alarms, and much more. Navigation and use of the control unit is easy to learn and easy to teach. New users won’t require lengthy training to master the system. The pendant unit also incorporates unique troubleshooting features that contribute to accuracy and fast project turn-around.

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Ransburg Ransflow ‘Precise Ratio Control’

Working with your current paint application system, the RansFlow precisely meters and mixes multi-component materials. This electronic metering system provides accuracy and repeatability for consistent finish quality. The RansFlow not only provides critical control but also lowers costs by reducing reworks and frequency of paint system maintenance

Simple and easy to integrate, the RansFlow fits seamlessly into your existing application. The closed loop system is self-correcting and provides an alarm system to prevent paint from hardening in the lines. Flush and fill cycles are programmable to make color changes fast and easy while the microprocessor stores up to 100 different paint recipes. Allowing for increased compatibility of flow rates and viscosities, the RansFlow is adaptable to meet all of your finishing needs.

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Ransburg DynaFlow CC

The industry’s most adaptable flow metering system has been engineered to provide superior efficiency and production flexibility. The DynaFlow CC offers a graphic display to optimize color change, flush and load sequences. Different sequences and times can now be programmed for every color or parameter set. Offering continued flexibility and enhanced performance, the DynaFlow CC delivers fast, concise and repeatable material flow control for up to eight applicators.

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Ransburg RCS 2 Ratio Control System

RCS 2 is the latest generation Ratio Control System which establishes a new standard for precise electronically controlled gear-pump metering. Fast and reliable, the RCS 2 is the ideal choice for applications where short trigger times, quick response, and/or low flow are required. RCS 2 features magnetically coupled metering pumps that eliminate shaft seal leaks.

The RCS 2 provides absolute on-ratio gear-driven mixing and metering control. The system can be used with solvent borne or waterborne materials. This makes for easy integration into automatic or manual systems using single or multiple applicators.

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Wiwa Duomix 85 Proportioner

Wherever there is a demand for economical spray painting, even for single items or small areas, the DUOMIX 85 is first choice. High-quality spray painting with compact technology is frequently demanded by the wood processing craft trade, the furniture industry or sheet-metal processing operations. The low consumtion of material of approx. 300 – 400 ml enables fast spray painting of individual items or small series. The WIWA DUOMIX is explosion protected and approved acc. to Atex 94/91 E.

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Wiwa Duomix 140

Particularly economically-priced, yet very accurate mixing proportioner for the application of your plural component in industry and craft trade. Fixed mixing ratio for precise control of 1:1-mixed materials. Continuous supply, and high dosing accuracy. Simple and safe operation (explosion proof). Approved acc. to ATEX 100.

Airless or Air-assisted airless coating applications with paints or lacquers having a volume mixing ratio of 1:1. Ideal for foam sealant and insulation applications.


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