Binks “MX”

Heavy Duty Pumping Power for Protective Coating and Corrosion Control Applications. Outperforms & outlasts other sprayers. Designed for harsh environments. Extended work-life cycles. CE/ATEX approved. Quiet, low/no ice operation. 5 year warranty. Binks engineering reinvents and simplifies two ball piston pumping technology to deliver one of the most rugged and user-friendly products on the market today, with many standard features vs. the competition.

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Wiwa “Professional” Paint Pumps

WIWA Airless paint spraying units from the PROFESSIONAL series particularly demonstrate their strengths during the toughest use. This is guaranteed by their impressive, globally renowned durability. Spare parts enquiries are still received for units that are more than 20 years old, with most of these parts still being available. Could there be any better argument? Wiwa is world-renowned for reliability, durability, and very quiet operation, even under full workload.

Perfect for those tough-to-spray coatings. Protective coatings, epoxies, high-solids materials and more. Call us to learn more.

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Wiwa “Sonic” Airless-270 Paint Pumps

The new WIWA AIRLESS 270s are a dynamic and powerful supplement to the airless product range between the WIWA PROFESSIONAL and WIWA HERKULES performance classes.

AIRLESS 270 paint spraying units are particularly suitable for large area and thick-film coatings with very high pressure ratios and enormous delivery rates. Even if you use several spray guns at the same time and have hoses that are more than 300′ long, these Airless paint spraying units cope quite easily. These pumps offer de-icing, OIL-FREE air motors and high fluid deliveries through an all-stainless fluid section.

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Wiwa “Herkules” Paint Pump

With pressure ratios of up to 75:1 and outputs of up to 8.7 GPM (@ 60 cycles), WIWA HERKULES pumps are the world’s most powerful airless spraying units. Even materials that were previously non-sprayable or only sprayable under certain circumstances can be processed. The high delivery volume and the associated slow piston speed maintain a low level of wear even with large nozzle bores and materials with high solids contents. The extraordinarily high performance makes the WIWA HERKULES series ideal for use in shipyards and the offshore sector, structural and fire protection, automatic spraying systems and other major projects that require top performance and no downtime.

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Binks “BX” Paint Pumps

Perfect for airless application of corrosion control coatings such as epoxies and urethanes. Spring Loaded Detent design on air motor gives stall-free operation. Stepped Rod design gives long life and reduced maintenance cost. Stainless steel fluid section. Compatible with waterborne materials. Flange joined pump fluid section requires no special tools and is easy to service. Reversible ball seats decrease maintenance costs. Available as complete pump and spray outfits.

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