Binks Trophy HVLP Siphon/Pressure-Feed Spray Gun

Binks Trophy Series spray guns combine cutting edge atomization technologies with lightweight, easy-handling ergonomic design. THE RESULT? Spray guns you can count on – day in and day out – for use with virtually all coating applications over a very long time. Whatever size job or park you’re finishing–whatever material you’re spraying–Binks Trophy Series spray guns provide the technology and confidence needed for most jobs and coatings. Available in siphon- or pressure-feed versions.

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Devilbiss ‘Compact’ Siphon/Pressure-Feed Spray Gun

The DeVilbiss “Blue” siphon or pressure-feed Compact gun allows you to maintain EPA compliance and produce a superb finish. Built to provide outstanding coating atomization, the “Blue” Compact can handle all types of solvent and waterborne materials. High performance is coupled with a gun body light in weight and designed for operator comfort to increase productivity.

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Devilbiss EXL HVLP Air-Spray Gun

Precision engineered patented #2000 air cap – Meets exacting performance demands, producing an extremely fine finish with all materials. Developed in conjunction with top American and European paint companies to spray the latest materials. Large spray pattern for fast coverage. Even distribution of materials for no mottling or striping. Excellent color matching capabilities. Optimum atomization for clearcoats and single stages – Produces a high gloss finish and minimizes orange peel. Excellent fluid control for applying more film build with fewer passes. Lightweight and comfortable – Classic DeVilbiss fit and feel.

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Devilbiss Compact “Transtech” Spray Gun

The DeVilbiss “Green” Compact gun utilizes the very latest advances in computational fluid dynamics. This results in superior atomization with the new DeVilbiss TRANSFER-TECHNOLOGY. Exceptionally efficient material transfer for optimum coverage and paint usage is achieved with reduced air consumption, lowering your electrical needs and energy costs. Exceed your production requirements with the highest atomization levels at an accelerated application rate of up to 600cc/min.

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Binks Mach 1 HVLP Air-Spray Gun

The MACH 1 is a full size HVLP spray gun with special nozzles and modifications that allow it to operate at high transfer efficiencies in compliance with the California South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) regulations as a high volume low pressure (HVLP) air spray gun.

Constructed of a lightweight drop- forged aluminum body and stainless steel fluid passages, including long life self-adjusting packings, this spray gun is designed to stand up under hard, continuous use. It operates like a conventional spray system utilizing compressed shop air.

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Binks Mach-1 SL HVLP Spray Gun

The MACH 1SL HVLP is a lightweight, top quality, high performance spray gun. The superbly balanced forged aluminum body is ergonomically designed with a compact grip size, offering the operator extra comfort and control. All of the spray gun’s components are machined and finished to exacting tolerances using only the highest quality materials, including long life self-adjusting packings to ensure years of peak efficiency.

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Devilbiss JGHV HVLP Spray Gun

A standard-size manual spray gun designed to maintain the comfortable fit and feel operators prefer. The DeVilbiss Maximum Performer line can collectively handle more than 90% of the coatings being applied today. Improved transfer efficiency, less overspray and bounceback. The high transfer efficiency enhances productivity and finish quality. Because more paint is applied on each pass, fewer passes may be required by the operator. Our JGHV Standard-Size Maximum Performer manual spray gun gives you the best of everything. The comfortable fit and feel of DeVilbiss’ classic JGA spray gun. High transfer efficiency and superior atomization of HVLP.  300-grade stainless steel fluid passages for waterborne compatibility.

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Binks Trophy Series Gravity-Feed Spray Gun

Binks Trophy Series Equipment provides all the utility and versatility you need to develop your production plan and execute it with complete confidence. Each gun can be configured with the appropriate needle and nozzle to accommodate the coating, size of part and type of surface to be finished.

Binks Trophy Series Spray Guns feel different by design. They’re lighter and are easier to handle over longer periods of time. That means operators can spray for longer periods with less fatigue and injury. This can make a big difference to productivity and your bottom line. That’s why we take ergonomics so seriously.

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Binks M1G HVLP Gravity-Feed Spray Gun

The M1-G HVLP gravity feed spray gun not only complies with all air quality regulations, but also will atomize and spray as quickly as a conventional air spray gun. An innovative low volume air nozzle designed specifically for automotive OEM and industrial use allows the M1-G to spray basecoats, clear coats, waterbornes, and high solids at fast application speeds with material savings of up to 50%. This comfortably light, superbly balanced spray gun is easy to operate and smooth to trigger with only 18 lbs. of inlet pressure required. M1-G employs a unique long lasting self-adjusting cartridge packing for simple replacement.

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Devilbiss ‘Compact’ Gravity-Feed HVLP Spray Gun

The DeVilbiss “Blue” Gravity-Feed Compact gun allows you to maintain EPA compliance and produce a superb finish. Built to provide outstanding coating atomization, the “Blue” Compact can handle all types of solvent and waterborne materials. High performance is coupled with a gun body light in weight and designed for operator comfort to increase productivity.

Standard packages include 1-liter aluminum gravity-feed cup.

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Devilbiss Compact “Mini” HVLP Spray Gun

The Compact MINI incorporates sensitive fan control into the comfort of a full-size gun. This gun has the pattern range and versatility needed for top quality fine finishing, including touch-up applications.

A fine finish spray gun with many practical uses throughout general industry, ergonomically styled for comfort.

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Devilbiss “Compact” HVLP Automatic Gun

A highly sophisticated automatic gun, the Compact Automatic X can be detached from its mounting block in a few seconds via the easy thumb release mechanism, for fast and easy maintenance and serviceability. This special feature from DeVilbiss dramatically reduces production downtime, and doesn’t need tools to detach. Recirculating & non-recirculating gun head — all-in-one, fixed gun positioning and a small footprint.

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Binks SV100 Spray Gun

The Binks SV100 spray gun is an inexpensive HVLP option that comes in 5 configurations perfect for everyone from craftsmen to production shops. Available in complete gun and cup systems and higher production outfits.

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Devilbiss EGHV-531 HVLP ‘Touch-up’ Spray Gun

The gun of choice for touch-up, shading, edging and detail decorating, EGHV-531 touch-up gun provides precise control for any type of delicate spray finishing applications. The gun features a forefinger trigger to enhance operator control, and a long needle taper to make detail work easy.

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Binks Mach 1 “Cub SL” HVLP Spray Gun

Binks Mach 1 Cub SL HVLP Gun is the finest touch-up and specialty coat- ings gun available today. The gun has been ergonomically designed to give operators superb control and comfort over a range of uses. You feel the gun’s excellent balance and heft as soon as you pick it up. The Mach 1 Cub SL offers three options for fluid supply: siphon feed, pressure assist feed, and pressure feed tank hook-ups, making it one of the most flexible guns for touch- up work available. The gun body is made of the finest forged aluminum and machined to exacting tolerances. Overall quality is reflected in the gun’s lustrous and durable anodized finish.

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