Columbus Industries’ SL3 Dual-Layer Paint Booth Intake Filter

1 ½” loft. Medium duty commercial and industrial filter made with an internal wire grid for support. Utilizes a porous, synthetic, white, internally tackified front layer to insure maximum holding capacity of airborne particles followed by a fine fiber, green synthetic layer with a non-migrating tackifier downstream that insures high efficiency, high holding capacity and low resistance to airflow. The lower resistance to airflow compared to competitive panels provides the opportunity to reduce energy consumption and lower operating costs. Includes antimicrobial fibers. MERV 8. Stocked in 20×20 and 20×25 sizes.

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Columbus Industries’ SL4 Three-Layer Paint Booth Intake Filter

2” loft. Heavy-duty and high velocity commercial and industrial HVAC filter made with an internal wire grid for support. A porous, white, internally tackified, synthetic media is used in the front to insure maximum holding capacity with a blue/white tackified layer next for internal tackification and additional depth-loading. The final downstream layer is green, tackified and includes finer fibers to insure higher capture of airborne contaminants. MERV 8.

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