Binks “Prospector” Pressure Tank Filter Screens

Binks ProspectorTM strainers are an economical way to remove foreign material from paint, stain, lacquer and coatings. Treated with an “anti-stat” additive to minimize static electricity build-up in shipping and handling, theProspectorTM strainer is ideal for use with all products compatible with polyethylene.

The semi-rigid cup is made of tough, high density polyethylene, with a strong lip to keep the screen in a stable position. The polyethylene screen is available in a choice of micron sizes and holds secure during pours. is disposable, yet durable enough for reuse. Available for a variety of Binks Pressure tanks, and also for over the top of 5-gallon buckets.

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Paper Cone Strainer

The classic cone strainer, made of paper, is great for placing over your 1-gallon can, pouring your paint through to strain out particles that are undesirable for your finish. Simply a must prior to any paint application. Available in packs of 250, or cases of 1000.


‘Supertuff’ 5-gallon Elastic Strainers

SuperTuff EZ-Strainer specialty strainer features regular mesh, elastic top and an adjustable elastic opening for pick-up tube allowing for continuous straining while you spray. Fits 5 gallon pails. These bag strainers are perfect for straining all types of paints, stains and liquids. Removes dried flakes, lumps, filaments and other dust particles for a better finish and prevents clogging spray equipment.