Wiwa DuoMix 230 Plural-Component Paint Mixing/Spraying System

The compact and versatile WIWA DUOMIX 230 is based on the worldwide proven and reliable system concept of the WIWA DUOMIX 300/333 plural component heavy-duty coating systems.
 The modular design enables individual solutions for almost all fields of application. The DUOMIX concept gives you the assurance of a fixed mixing ratio and the flexibility of a variably adjustable plural component system. With just a flick of the wrist the system can be converted to other mixing ratios by simply exchanging the hardener pump, without the necessity of cc-ing and adjusting.
 Efficient and environmentally friendly.

Reliable, quiet operation, Wiwa equipment takes significantly less maintenance than other brands. Give us a call today and we’ll be happy to discuss you equipment needs.

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Wiwa DuoMix 333 Plural-Component Proportioner

WIWA DUOMIX heavy-duty coating systems. The reliable system concept for the wide range of plural and triple component coating materials. WIWA DUOMIX – actually the only plural component system in the world that offers you the flexibility of a variably adjustable plural component system in combination with the reliability of a fixed mixing ratio and can also be used as triple component system. Used all over the world for the application of highly viscous, solvent free plural or triple component materials. When using materials with extremely short pot life (e.g. 30 seconds) the WIWA DUOMIX reveals its particular strength. A glance at the extensive, optionally available range of accessories shows that a vast variety of equipment variants for innovative fields of application is also available for this product range.

Extremely reliable, especially in comparison to other brands. Surprisingly quiet operation. A definite workhorse. Give us a call today to discuss your needs!

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Wiwa DuoMix PFP Intumescent Fire-Protection Equipment

Our dual-component DUOMIX PFP hot spray unit is the ideal system for coating large surfaces with intumescent material for passive fire protection. This has now been approved and/or certified by all leading material manufacturers. For applications in refineries, on drilling rigs and in other areas at risk from explosions and fires, we recommend the version of the WIWA dual-component DUOMIX PFP system that is safe for use in potentially explosive areas in accordance with ATEX 94/9/EG. The DUOMIX 333 PFP unit for applying fire protection material is based on our tried and tested WIWA DUOMIX technology.

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