Wiwa PU4040 Polyurea and Foam Fast-Set Spray GUn

With the new development of the WIWA PU GUN 4040, we are expanding our wide range of innovative PU application technologies with our own spray gun. The concept for this pneumatically driven gun is based on the counter-current principle. The ISO and poly components only come into contact in the mixing chamber at a pressure of over 250 bar immediately before material is discharged through the nozzle. The capacity of the gun can be adapted quickly and easily to the corresponding requirements by simply exchanging the mixing chamber.

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Ransburg Aerobell 33 Rotary Electrostatic Atomizer

Aerobells provide higher rotational speeds and deliver excellent atomization of all coatings. And higher transfer efficiencies provide excellent ROI, reduced emissions and diminished code compliance concerns.

The Aerobell 33 electrostatic rotary atomizer features a serrated edge and unique bell design which allows for better control of paint flow rotational speeds and application flexibility.

As a result, Aerobell 33 electrostatic rotary atomizing systems are perfect for all of today’s difficult-to-handle coatings, including waterborne and even 100% solids (solvent-free) coatings.

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