Complete Gun-Cleaning Kit

Designed for use on all types of spray guns and equipment. Kit Includes: 12″ Pick-Up Tube Brush, 1/4″ HVLP Brush, 1/2″ Body Cavity Brush, Detail End Brush, Nylon Bristle Parts Brush, 5 Piece Mini Twisted Brush Set, 6 Piece Precision Needle Set.


Gerson Tack Cloth

Sold in boxes of 12 each, the Gerson tack cloth is great for removing sanding dust/contaminants from a substrate prior to painting. Leaves no residue behind as you wipe away the surface to a smooth clean surface.


Spray Sok

Available by the each, or in boxes of 12 and cases of 144, the classic Spray Sok protects painters from overspray in their hair/face/neck. 100% cotten open-mesh fabric absorbs moisture and allows skin to breathe for maximum cooling and comfort, enabling user to work longer, more effectively, and with much more comfort.


Contec Max-Off Paint Prep Wiper

Dramatically reduces paint defects and improves paint adhesion when used to clean parts prior to painting or powder coating. Eliminates static electricity on prepared surfaces. Single-stage wiping system greatly increases productivity with uniform surface conditioning with metered fluid release. Cleans better than aqueous or organic solvents alone and reduces shop waste and solvent use. Unfolded size: 11″ x 17″. Sold by the pouch of 50 wipers/pouch (case of 6 pouches as well). MOPP0002


Wooden Paint Stir Sticks

Wooden Paint stir sticks are commonly used to mix paints, epoxies and other general coatings. Made out of wood, these sticks may be reused, but are inexpensive enough that they are disposable as well. Wood paint sticks are available in 10″ (for 1-gallon cans) and 14″ (5-gallon), and can be sold in small units or in large bulk for wholesale.


Air / Fluid Hose Assemblies For HVLP/Conventional Air Spray

Black nylon-lined fluid hose and red air hoses, combined with re-usable fittings are used to go from a pressure tank to your spray gun. Available in 1/4″ and 3/8″ (air hose also available in 5/16″) inside-diameter sizes, any length assembly can be made for you. The hose and the fittings are also sold separately.


E-Z Mix Disposable Mixing Cups

The solution to saving money on mixing paints with the E-Z MIX Disposable Mixing Cups. E-Z MIX Disposable Mixing Cups can save you 50% and more over the cost of metal cans. So, “Kick the Can” and try E-Z MIX Disposable Mixing Cups today! Lids also available. Proudly made in the USA.