2-Piece Weld-On Hinge

This 2-piece weld-on hinge is extremely popular because of its high weight load capacity as well as it  professional appearance. Ideal for gates, machinery doors, barbeque pits, electrical boxes, and trailers. It can be welded on as a lift-off hinge or it can be permanently mounted. Made from mild steel (1015) with a case hardened fixed steel pin and a brass washer. A pair of hinges is two hinges.

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2-Piece Weld-On Hinge with Grease Fitting

Weld-on Hinges are widely used for electrical enclosures, cab doors, toolboxes, wood stoves, roof hatches, utility and dump bodies, trailers, food service carts, etc.. Made from low carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum alloy to service a wide range of applications. Available with fixed pins, and fixed pins with a grease fitting for lubrication.

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